Alice in Wonderland 3D Box-Office Results

Alice in Wonderland 3D Box-Office Results

Domestic: $275,827,077 (47.9%)

Foreign: $300,000,000 (52.17%)

Total: $575,827,077 (Worldwide)

The Voices of Wonderland

To create his vision of Underland, filmmakers first returned to the source material- Carroll's books. ``We gathered all the artwork from all of the various artists who'd drawn 'Alice in Wonderland' and put it up on the wall, to get a mood, a flavor going, recalls production designer Rob Stromberg. ``Then we started talking about how we could keep it true to the book, but take it to a place that hadn't been seen before.

``The illustrations for the original printing of the book became a pretty decent roadmap for us, adds art director Todd Cherniawsky. ``Those became our imprint for Alice's flashbacks in the movie, whereas what ends up happening in Underland is definitely a more Burtonesque version.

Burton's Underland is in decline, drained of color and vitality under the oppressive rule of the Red Queen, but, say filmmakers, that's not where they began. ``Early on, Underland was being explored as a very colorful place, says Cherniawsky. ``But the more those initial designs evolved, Tim's reaction was, 'This is visually really nice, but it's a better place to end up in.' So we had a bit of an aesthetic shift to ground it into Tim's world, and it became a tale, to a certain extent, of oppression and suppression.

The key to Underland's haunted look was a photograph taken during World War II of a British family having tea outside their estate. ``In the background you could see the skyline of London, quite dishevelled, Cherniawsky says. ``That started to fuel the arc of Underland starting out as a very suppressed, gloomy world with a crushed palette. Then, as the film unfolds and things become more positive, we had a place to go to with the sunlight and with the color.

``The thing about Underland, like any fairy-tale land, there's good and the bad, Burton says. ``The thing I liked about Underland is that everything is slightly off, even the good people. That to me is something different.

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