Jennifer Lopez in The Back-Up Plan Movie

Jennifer Lopez as Zoe in The Back-up Plan

“The script definitely rang true to me, having just gone through my own experience of having babies for the first time,” reveals Lopez. “All the little jokes about what it is to be pregnant - being tired, insatiably hungry and the hormonal changes. I could really relate.”

Black recalls his realization after the filmmakers’ first meeting with Lopez that she was the perfect match for Zoe. “She literally embodied Zoe and she completely got the script. She understood the humor involved in this character becoming a new mom, and the humorous and scary nature of her having a new lover in her life at the same time.”

Lopez’s grasp of the material was important but she also had the right chops for a role that requires the ability to play comedy, as well as more tender moments. “Jennifer can convey the perfect amount of emotion and comedy all at the same time,” says Black. “She’s an all around solid actress. Most times you find an actor who can just do the comedy or just the drama. It’s rare to find someone who is strong with both.”

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