The production was pleased that all of the actors involved in HELL RIDE

The production was pleased that all of the actors involved in HELL RIDE responded to the script and creative team above all else. "Because we had such a low budget, we weren't cast-contingent," Steinberg says. "I think there's a lot of affection for Quentin and for the genre itself. Dennis is famous for EASY RIDER. GLORY STOMPERS is a big favorite of everyone on the movie."

Casting Comanche, a role that Bishop intended to give to Tarantino, "was tricky, until Eric Balfour walked in the door." Bishop recalls. "I knew the second Eric Balfour walked in that exactly the guy I wanted for the part."

Balfour, who appeared on "24" and "Six Feet Under" was attracted to the rebel world of Bishop's screenplay. "HELL RIDE falls under this strange umbrella of a movie that takes place in the present time, but has its own reality, and its own space. None of the rules of our society, or our laws, or governing bodies apply to it. HELL RIDE is this story of revenge, and reconciliation. And it's a badass biker movie."

Vinnie Jones, a former soccer player in the English Football League, plays Billy Wings. "Vinnie Jones is hilarious," Stein says. "First of all, his enthusiasm and energy are fantastic. Secondly, he let us light him on fire twice. He wanted to do his own stunts. He wanted to go for it and he kept people in stitches the entire time."

"I guess you'd call 'The Deuce' the president of a club called 'The 666,'" David Carradine says of his character. "I'm the only guy in this whole movie that wears a suit, because I become a business man. I'm running a whole lot of games. I possess part of a secret that everybody wants to know."

"There are no good guys in this movie," Carradine adds. "There isn't anybody who's any better than anybody else. Bad guys have some meat to them. This has a certain amount of qualities of a Tarantino film in that they're all bad guys, but they all have a certain honorable streak about them."

"Larry and I worked together on KILL BILL, and I really got to like the guy," Carradine says of his writer-director. "He fashioned this little part for me which is really cool. The character's really cool, but it's also cool that for the first two-thirds of the picture, they're talking about me in almost every scene and you never see me. And then finally I show up, a little like in KILL BILL."

"Leonor Varela was someone we were always very interested in," Steinberg says of the actor who plays Nada. "We just thought that there weren't many actresses who could pull it off. It's very sexually aggressive, but not in a campy way. She is a mature woman, and we thought she could handle it. She by far surpassed any hopes we had for the role."

The role of Goody Two-Shoes is played by Michael Beach: "I'm the good cat. I'm the reliable cat. I'm the guy you can count on," Beach says of his character.

Julia Jones plays Cherokee Chism. Jones describes her character: "She is one of Pistolero's many loves. Much of the action of the movie takes place twenty-something years after she's died. She's very complicated. It's not a huge role but there are a lot of important pieces to her." A portion of Jones's involvement is as the film's seemingly omniscient narrator.

Jones found her way into HELL RIDE quickly, after co-star Eric Balfour recommended her for the role. "Eric called in the middle of the afternoon and said 'Where are you? What are you doing? Are you working on something? Are you in L.A.? Can you come down to set tomorrow?' I got on the phone with the producer, and I went into set the next day and read for Larry and the producers, and showed up on set three days later or four days later."

Finally, there's the role that went to the actress that brought Tarantino and Bishop together. "I've known Laura Coyouette for about ten or twelve years. I wrote the part of Dani for her. It kind of mirrors what the reality of our life is -- the way it intersects. She does a number of things for me, and that's what Dani does for Pistolero."

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