CHARLOTTE HUGGINS (Producer) was one of the early proponents of 3D's resurgence and fully embraces her passion for special venue productions. She has worked on a number of highly successful large-format films, including Disney's 3D theme park attraction, Honey, I Shrunk the Audience, Sony Pictures Classics' 3D film, Wings of Courage and LG Group's 35mm 3D attraction film, Ahead of Time.

Huggins served as Executive in Charge of Production for the "King Kong" sequence in Public Broadcasting WGBH/NOVA's program, "Special Effects: Anything Can Happen."
Producer credits include Thrill Ride: The Science of Fun, 3D Mania: Encounter in the Third Dimension, Alien Adventure, Haunted Castle, S.O.S. Planet, Misadventures in 3D and Wild Safari 3D.

nWave Pictures (Producers) is a multinational company specializing in 3D digital production and dedicated to special venue production and distribution. nWave Pictures is known for utilizing innovative technologies to maximize intellectual properties throughout multiple media platforms, including 2D and 3D giant-screen (IMAX), motion simulation and attraction films in all film formats and electronic media. As the most prolific producers of 3D films in the world, nWave's titles have generated over $175 million in box office revenues in special format theaters worldwide.
Founded in 1994 by Ben Stassen and Brussels-based D&D Media Group, nWave Pictures quickly established itself as the world's leading producer and distributor of ride films for the motion simulator market. In fact, the company's current library of titles makes up 60-70% of all ride simulation films being shown worldwide.
The quick financial and production maturity of the company afforded nWave the production tools necessary to expand into new areas. One year later, the company released its first film for the giant screen, Thrill Ride: The Science of Fun. Upon its release, Thrill Ride quickly gained momentum with audiences. The film was one of the top 50 highest-grossing films at the box office for over 70 consecutive weeks (as reported by Variety), and remains in distribution through Sony Pictures Classics.
To complement its rapid production growth and further establish itself in the expanding 3D giant-screen market, nWave launched its own film distribution company, nWave Pictures Distribution. The division began with the distribution of the 3D film, 3D Mania: Encounter in the Third Dimension, and continued its growth by distributing nWave's third giant-screen film, Alien Adventure 3D. The company has since distributed BBC/Discovery Pictures' award-winning production, The Human Body, H5B5's Ocean Men: Extreme Dive and the nWave-produced 3D films Haunted Castle, S.O.S. Planet (featuring Walter Cronkite), Misadventures in 3D and Wild Safari 3D.

With visionary style and confidence, nWave Pictures plans to continue setting new standards for digital and film distribution by creating a special brand of feature-length 3D entertainment.

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