The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 Tibby


Meanwhile, Tibby has been honing her talent for documentary filmmaking at NYU, while, in typical Tibby fashion, offering her hilariously razor-sharp movie reviews to bewildered patrons at the East Village video store where she works part-time.
"People are always remarking on Tibby's sense of humor, which is stellar, but a large part of her sarcasm and humor is just to deflect attention from her feelings," Amber Tamblyn observes. "It was fine when she was younger but she's come to a point where it could really hold her back from experiencing life."

Tibby has also been falling in love-though she'd never admit it-with her formerly platonic friend and fellow videophile Brian McBrian, whom we met in the first film. Now, as Chase says, "It's the real deal."

Unfortunately, taking their relationship to the next level results in a crisis that not only mars the emotional delicacy of the moment but could separate them for good, throwing Tibby into a tailspin of panic and self-recrimination.

Says Hamri, "It's traumatic, but something young people often go through in relationships."

Leonardo Nam, returning as the straightforward and sensitive Brian, points out, "Just as the girls have matured, left high school and are navigating their way in the world, so Brian has grown up. He's not the awkward video-game playing geek we first met. Although they're both freaked out by what's happening, their reactions are different: Brian is focused on working things out, but Tibby's impulse is to shut him out."

That, as her friends would attest, is typical Tibby behavior.

Notes Chase, "Tibby has never been a person who lets others get close, and this is a crucial juncture at which she'll either come to a deeper understanding of what love and intimacy are all about or she'll shut the door and stay where she is. It's a journey of maturity for her."

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