From psychological dramas to heart-pounding sci-fi thrillers, SIMON DUGGAN, ACS (Director of Photography) brings his masterful cinematography to every film he shoots. An award-winning member of the Australian Cinematographers Society, Duggan made his feature debut in America with none other than the box-office smash I, Robot, his second feature with director Alex Proyas, having previously lensed surprise indie hit Garage Days. Duggan’s recent feature credits include Live Free or Die Hard and Underworld: Evolution. Other credits include The Interview, Risk and Guests.

As a master storyteller with the camera, Duggan uses his fluid style and renowned knack for impeccable lighting to create keen tension and powerful emotion, whether for a television commercial or an epic movie. American Cinematographer magazine describes his work as having a “vibrant, whimsical style,” while Variety named his talent “visually inventive.”

To date, he has earned more than 30 Best Cinematography awards and commendations from organizations including the Film Critics Circle of Australia, The Mobius Advertising Awards, the Australian Television Awards, the Melbourne Art Directors Club, the Federation of Australian Commercial Television Stations, the Australian Writers and Art Directors Association and the aforementioned Australian Cinematographers Society.

Duggan is represented by Dattner Dispoto and Associates in Los Angeles.

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