JAMES JACKS (Produced by) was executive producer of the Coen brothers’ cult film, Raising Arizona, before joining Universal Pictures as vice president of acquisitions. During his five years there, Jacks was involved in making such films as Field of Dreams, Do the Right Thing, Darkman, Jungle Fever and American Me.

In 1992, he formed Alphaville Productions, one of America’s most successful production companies with partner Sean Daniel. In addition to The Mummy series, they have produced such acclaimed movies as Richard Linklater’s acclaimed Dazed and Confused; William Friedkin’s The Hunted; Dark Blue; Rat Race; the Coen brothers’ comedy Intolerable Cruelty; the Nora Ephron comedy Michael; the acclaimed western Tombstone; John Woo’s first American film, Hard Target; The Gift, starring Cate Blanchett and Hilary Swank and directed by Sam Raimi; and the Weitz brothers’ Down to Earth, starring Chris Rock.

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