The girls of Wild Child had quite a good experience

Production wrapped, Nick Moore took off his director’s cap and headed to a place where he was very familiar: the editing bay, with Wild Child’s editor, Simon Cozens.

While he had been advised not to “pre-cut” the film in his mind, he found that old habits die hard. Of that shooting challenge, he reflects, “There were times when I thought, ‘I’m sure I’m not going to use this shot, except for that word. Why don’t we just shoot that word?’ But you can’t; it’s not fair on the actors. I remember being on set of a film I was cutting and there was an emotional scene on a wide shot. Halfway through the dialogue, the director cut it and I thought, ‘Poor actress!’ I tried not to do that with my first film as a director.”

He needn’t have worried, as all the girls of Wild Child had quite a good experience in what was the first film for most. Concludes Roberts of her time on the shoot: “It’s been really fun working with a U.K. cast and crew. I’ve always wanted to visit England. Everyone made fun of me though, because I say things differently,” she laughs. “But they’re all coming to L.A., so then, we can make fun of them…”

Universal Pictures Presents, in association with StudioCanal, a Working Title production: Emma Roberts, Natasha Richardson, Shirley Henderson, Alex Pettyfer and Aidan Quinn in Wild Child. Casting is by Joanna Colbert and Fiona Weir. The line producer is Alexandra Ferguson. The music is by Michael Price; the costume designer is Julia Caston; the editor is Simon Cozens. Wild Child’s production designer is Eve Stewart; the director of photography is Chris Seager, BSC. The executive producers for the film are Liza Chasin and Debra Hayward. Wild Child is produced by Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner and Diana Phillips. The film is written by Lucy Dahl and directed by Nick Moore.

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