WALL•E a colorful cast of robot and human characters

Pixar’s talented team of animators has tackled some seemingly impossible tasks for the films they’ve created, raising the bar for quality animation on every occasion. From toys to ants, fish to monsters, and superheroes to culinary rats, they’ve created memorable characters that have become icons the world over. For their latest assignment on “WALL•E,” new challenges were posed by a colorful cast of robot and human characters. With supervising animators Alan Barillaro and Steve Hunter in charge of the group (50 animators at the peak of production), and directing animator Angus MacLane adding his experience and talent, this film represents another triumph in the art of animation.

Jim Reardon, head of story for “WALL•E,” observes, “What we didn’t want to do on this film was draw human-looking robots with arms, legs, heads and eyes, and have them talk. We wanted to take objects that you normally wouldn’t associate with having humanlike characteristics and see what we could get out of them through design and animation.”

Stanton explains, “We wanted the audience to believe they were witnessing a machine that has come to life. The more they believe it’s a machine, the more appealing the story becomes.”

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