Life on Tour With Miley

HANNAH MONTANA & MILEY CYRUS: BEST OF BOTH WORLDS CONCERT not only delivers the experience of a live concert; the film also provides a rare glimpse into Miley Cyrus’ real backstage life on tour. Miley admits that despite the whirlwind schedule and hardships for a teenage star still in school, she loves being on tour—after all, she grew up traveling on the tour bus with her father. Those days remain some of her fondest childhood memories. “We would be on the bus for long stretches of time,” she recalls, “and we got to hang out, play board games and just be together.” Miley is now sharing that same experience with her mother, Tish, and younger sister, Noah.

They have adapted to living on a bus for a 3-month stretch, adding little touches of home—Miley’s tour bus bed is decorated in a “Hello Kitty” theme, and she has turned her bunk into an additional closet, where she keeps her 18 pairs of blue jeans.

Meanwhile, Miley’s father is filled with pride at what his daughter has accomplished in such short time in her career, noting that Miley co-wrote eight of the tunes heard in the “Meet Miley Cyrus” portion of the tour. Billy Ray has especially enjoyed getting the chance to star as Miley’s father and manager, Robby, on the “Hannah Montana” show. “We get to spend a lot of time with each other, which I consider a major plus because life goes by so fast,” he says.

For Miley, this tour has brought her something she cherishes more than anything: the chance to truly interact with her fans—whether on the stage or by knowing so many would see the 3-D concert film in the near future. She sums up, “There’s nothing more fun than being out on stage and feeling the vibe from the crowd. I loved getting to see all of my awesome fans face-to-face when I was on tour. Their energy made me want to get on stage and give it my all every night.”

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