Baron Cohen's "Bruno" set for summer 2009

Baron Cohen's "Bruno" set for summer 2009

"Bruno," Sacha Baron Cohen's follow-up to "Borat," has been scheduled by Universal Pictures for a May 15, 2009, release.

Like the title character in the hit "Borat," "Bruno" is based on a skit character -- this time an Austrian faux fashionista -- from Cohen's former HBO series, "Da Ali G Show."

So far, Sony's Tom Hanks-starring mystery drama "Angels & Demons," based on the Dan Brown novel, represents the only competition for "Bruno" in its release slot.

"Borat," which 20th Century Fox opened in November 2006, had a better-than-expected bow of $26.5 million and went on to gross $128.5 million domestically.

Reuters/Hollywood Reporter. Posted: Tue., Jun. 17, 2008, 11:34am PTUniversal sets a date for

'Bruno'Cohen comedy to open on May 15, 2009

'Bruno'Sacha Baron Cohen’s “Bruno” is ready for summer heat.

Universal will release the film on May 15, 2009. So far, there are no other R-rated comedies near that date.

Like Borat, the title character of the 2006 box office hit, Bruno is one of a trio of characters created and played by Cohen in TV skein “Da Ali G Show.”

As Bruno, Cohen pretends be a flamboyant fashion and celebrity journalist from Austria who interviews unwitting members of the public who believe Bruno is a real person.

Twentieth Century Fox’s “Borat” was a box office hit, grossing $128.5 million domestically in an early November release.

U believes “Borat” made Cohen enough of a household name to open “Bruno” in the high-profile summer sesh.

Already set to open on May 15 is Sony’s “The Da Vinci Code” sequel “Angels & Demons”; a week later, on May 22, Warner Bros. opens “Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins,” while Fox unspools family comedy “Night at the Museum II: Escape From the Smithsonian.”

The first “Night at the Museum,” released over Christmas in 2006, grossed $250.9 million domestically and $323.2 million overseas.

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