Wanted: J.G. JONES

J.G. JONES (Based on the Series of Comic Books by) does not like you. He has never liked you, and it wasn’t he who sent that anonymous valentine card and rose. He wants you to stop throwing rocks at his window and stop calling and hanging up. Oh, and stay away from the basement, too.

Jones got a late start in comics after a career as a famous painter failed to materialize. He has always drawn pictures, beginning with the little-used medium of screwdriver on car door. Comics were just the first time folks were willing to pay cash money for his scribblings.

Jones has worked on titles such as “Shi,” “Black Widow,” “Marvel Boy” and “Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia,” as well as the most recent special hardcover edition of “Wanted.” He has also drawn and painted any number of covers, with extended runs as cover artist for “Codename: Knockout,” “Y: The Last Man,” “Wonder Woman” and the DC Comics weekly series, “52.”

Jones grew up in Louisiana, where he learned survival techniques which translated poorly to life in and around New York City—in fact, some of these techniques can get you arrested. FYI.

Now a resident of the great state of New Jersey, Jones wants you to know that the Internet is not your savior, but, if you like, you can leave a message.

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