Sex and the City one new character stands out: Louise

In addition to the familiar faces returning from the series, one new character stands out: Louise, a young woman Carrie hires to work as her assistant, played by Oscar®-winner Jennifer Hudson. Hudson had not been a regular viewer of Sex and the City, so when she heard about the role of Louise, she happily delved into her research. “And I have not stopped watching it since,” she laughs. “I’m addicted – I’m in love with it.”

When Carrie, newly flush from success as an author, hires Louise to work as her assistant, the young woman proves to be a godsend, bringing some order to Carrie’s rather disorganized life. Hudson describes Louise as family-oriented, and recently relocated to New York. “Louise is a twenty-five year old girl from St. Louis who moves to New York to find love,” she says. “She believes in love. And what greater message is there than to spread love?”

In a show about four single women in New York City, the men in their lives tend to come and go. However, their importance to the story is not to be underestimated. “The men are the unsung heroes of Sex and the City, because without the men to react to there would have been no tide,” explains Michael Patrick King. “There would have been no punch or pull.”

Chris Noth reprises the role of Mr. Big, Carrie’s longtime romantic ideal throughout her various romantic entanglements. During the series, “Mr. Big was the holy grail,” King laughs. “It’s important that Carrie had somebody she couldn’t figure out.” In the film, Mr. Big is, at long last, Carrie’s fiancé.

“Chris is a wonderful, wonderful actor,” King continues. “Something about when he becomes Mr. Big is so compelling that people wanted it to work with Carrie. Or they wanted to punch him. Or they wanted her to get away from him…”

“Men love him,” adds Sarah Jessica Parker. “They’ll say to me, ‘You’re not going to do something awful to Mr. Big, are you? And women of course swoon because he’s that guy. He’s worth every argument, every fight. And there’s just nobody in the world I would have wanted to do this with other than Chris.”

“The chemistry that Sarah Jessica and I had was invaluable,” Chris Noth agrees. “She and I, in playing together and having a simpatico relationship and a certain chemistry, allowed the relationship to go a lot of different places.”

David Eigenberg returns as Steve Brady, Miranda’s husband and the father of her young son. After several unsuccessful relationships, “Steve is the one who got into her heart and was a grownup with her,” King says. “David Eigenberg is authentic. He is New York.”

“Steve is a stand-up guy,” says Eigenberg about his character. “He’ll do anything for the people he loves. Miranda and Steve are two true-blues. They’re a great love story.”

Completing Miranda’s family circle, young Joseph Pupo, no longer a baby, reprises the role of Miranda and Steve’s son, Brady.

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