Sex and the City The actors’ high regard for their director also contributed to the good feeling on set

Throughout the course of the story, Conway not only recreated the homes of Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda, but also created new environments for Samantha, Mr. Big and others. “Sometimes Michael Patrick King would call it like a confection or an ice cream sundae,” says Conway about the look of the film. “He said, people are going to watch this movie and know about fashion, and what Pat Field is going to do, and he said, I want to do the same thing for anyone who’s interested in architecture and interior design.’”

Another key player who created the film’s gorgeous look is cinematographer John Thomas, who also photographed much of the Sex and the City series, including the Paris episodes in the series’ final season. “I think it’s the best work of his career,” says Parker. “It’s incredible work that he’s been doing.”
“John Thomas’ work in the movie is beautiful,” agrees Michael Patrick King. “The lighting is amazing, and he is great to work with.” In fact, Thomas’ talent was matched by his easy-going manner on the set, a work environment that was enjoyed by all.

The actors’ high regard for their director also contributed to the good feeling on set. “Michael is very supporting and very loving,” says Cynthia Nixon. “He just sends all his good vibes at us all the time.”

“Michael Patrick makes us laugh every day,” adds Kristin Davis, who is astounded by the director’s immersion in the project. “He has some strange ability to be all the characters,” she says. “Sometimes he’ll come to direct a scene in the movie, and he’ll be really choked up. It’s so adorable. He’s written it and lived it.”

“If this movie has any success, it’s because of his intense passion to do it right,” adds Sarah Jessica Parker about King. “He’s very inspiring.”

“I can say it was really fun to direct a movie like this because of the people I worked with,” says King. “They’re all geniuses. All the actresses are amazing, the actors are amazing, the designers are amazing. So for me, it’s like being a kid in a candy store.”

King hopes viewers of Sex and the City will have a similarly pleasurable experience watching the film. “I always thought that the series was a roller coaster,” he says. “And I think the movie is like a major roller coaster, with ups and downs and twists.”

King also hopes viewers of the film Sex and the City will find in the movie not only what they loved from the series, but will experience something more, as well. “When you go to the movies, you want to learn something about life, or laugh about life, or cry about life,” he says. “And hopefully, with the movie, you’ll be able to laugh and really cry.

“I want people leaving the movie theater feeling, ‘all right, great, that was a lot!,’” he concludes. “That was drinks, appetizer, main course, and dessert, dessert, dessert!”

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