Re-creating 1920s L.A.: Locations and Design

With more than 30 films to his directorial credit, Eastwood has mastered the economy of shooting and considers himself a director influenced by choices he would make as an actor. He limits rehearsals to achieve a more authentic feel in the performances and is not a fan of endless takes, a fact about which the cast of L’Échange was appreciative. “Everything I do as a director is based upon what I prefer as an actor,” Eastwood says. “It’s all a learning process over the years. No matter how you plan it, things happen that either work for you or against you. So there’s always the excitement of trying to make it work, of taking a little stack of paper and make it into a living thing.”

It’s a factor his team embraced during production. “Clint’s extraordinary,” cites Jolie, “I can’t say enough about him. I could go on forever. As a director, he’s so decisive. He’s got that leadership quality of a great man who values every single person on the film, and so they bring their best, and it’s appreciated. He takes the time to consider things. He’s just brilliant. I don’t think I want to do any other films without him.”

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