Parker had begun her work with Field months prior to filming

As a producer as well as star of the film, Parker had begun her work with Field months prior to filming. “I know how much begging was in order from design houses, and I knew that we were going up be up against Fashion Week, European and American, and what it was going to take to get these clothes from Europe or whichever far flung place,” she explains. “And it’s worth it. It’s been amazing.”

“We have relationships with many designers, based on the success of the TV show,” adds Patricia Field. “The show was very good for fashion. And the designers love to see their clothes on Sarah Jessica, who is a super-model.”

“People have been waiting a while to see these ladies,” Michael Patrick King says. “And when they see these ladies, they’re going to see some color and they’re going to see some new ideas. Pat is at the top of her game.”

Some of the trends seen in the film include belts and stronger shoes, according to Field. “If I had a shoe company, Sarah Jessica would be my model,” says the designer. “Because she just flies off the air, she’s just so graceful. And she’s got beautiful legs.”

Field’s work included over eighty costumes for Sarah Jessica Parker alone, according to producer John Melfi. “Then if you count eighty looks, you’re also talking about accessories, shoes and millions of dollars worth of jewelry,” he says.
“I would estimate that there were well over three hundred changes for these four women,” Field tells it. “And there were many other characters with one or two changes. I never counted up, but I’m sure it was over a thousand costumes. It was monumental.”

“You wouldn’t believe how much time they spent in fittings,” Melfi laughs.
“I find it such a creative process working with Patricia Field,” says Kim Cattrall. “Because there’s such excitement in the room. To come to a costume fitting with someone like Pat Field, where there are at least sixteen, twenty racks of things, it’s just a free-for-all of trying things on. It’s like going to a fabulous trunk show.”

“There were just tables of bags, every new bag that you haven’t seen in the store yet,” adds Kristin Davis. “And there were tables of shoes. It was just like Mecca.”
In addition to dressing the characters for the film, Field also oversaw a recreation of a Fashion Week show in Bryant Park.

Always of utmost importance to Patricia Field is creating a look that will endure. “It’s not about next year’s fashion, or next season. It’s about this movie looking good twenty years from now,” she says. “I just want to make this look gorgeous.”

“I guess in certain houses…fairy tales do come true.” -- Carrie Bradshaw

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