MARK MILLAR has written some of the most successful English-language comics

MARK MILLAR (Based on the Series of Comic Books by) has written some of the most successful English-language comics of the last few years and has, for six years running, been the best-selling British writer working in America. His current projects are “Ultimates 2” with artist Bryan Hitch; “Ultimate Fantastic Four” with artist Greg Land; and “Marvel Civil War” with artist Steve McNiven. “Civil War” has been Marvel’s best-selling series in over a decade and was featured on everything from CNN to MTV in June 2006, for the public unmasking of Spider-Man. Millar is also a senior writer/story consultant at Marvel Entertainment in New York and the creator of his independent Millarworld line of books. Millarworld was launched in 2004 as a means of generating new, creator-owned properties for comics, television and movies. The first of these titles was “Wanted.”

Millar was born in Coatbridge, Scotland, on December 24, 1969. Growing up, he was into all the same time-wasting pursuits you were into and so, when the opportunity arose, he dropped out of university in the final year of his degree and became a full-time writer. After stints at 2000AD and DC Comics and a brief foray into British television, Millar’s first real success was “The Authority” for Wildstorm Productions and a subsequent string of hits at Marvel. These started with the creation of “Ultimate X-Men” and “The Ultimates,” before being followed by “Marvel Knights Spider-Man,” “Ultimate Fantastic Four,” “Wolverine” and “Civil War.” Outside of Marvel, he created the best-selling “Superman: Red Son” graphic novel, “Wanted,” “Chosen” and “The Unfunnies.” The most recent wave of Millarworld books launched in February 2008 with “Kick-Ass,” “the most violent comic in the history of the human race,” where Millar reteams with John Romita, Jr., the artist on his smash-hit “Wolverine” run and co-creator of Frank Miller’s “Daredevil: Man Without Fear.”

He is currently writing two major superhero screenplays and acting as an executive producer on one of his creator-owned properties. In his downtime, he writes a monthly Millarworld column for his friends at SFX magazine and occasional pieces for a variety of British newspapers and magazines. He lives with his wife, Gillian, his small daughter, Emily, and a menagerie of pets, including two rabbits, two guinea pigs, a hamster and two goldfish. He has no plans on leaving Scotland ever, though he does like to travel and top up his tan.

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