MARK LEVIN and JENNIFER FLACKETT (Directors/Screenwriters)

MARK LEVIN and JENNIFER FLACKETT (Directors/Screenwriters) are that rare Hollywood creature: The husband-wife writer-director team. This unique species is half man-half woman, yet speaks with one creative voice. As married filmmakers, Levin &
Flackett spend literally twenty-four hours a day together, seven days a week, sharing in every step of the process side by side. As you can imagine, these days, the comments that Levin & Flackett hear most often are "How do you do it?," "My wife and I need our time apart," and the always popular, "My husband and I would kill each other.”

To friends and colleagues, they are not known individually as “Mark” or “Jennifer” but singularly as “Mark and Jen.” NIM’S ISLAND is their second movie as film directors, after accomplished careers as screenwriters and television creator-executive producers. They were drawn to write and direct NIM’S ISLAND by their desire to create an adventure movie that they could share and enjoy together with
their daughter and son.

The first film that Levin & Flackett directed was Little Manhattan, the romantic comedy about first love, based on their original screenplay. It was released by New Regency and Twentieth Century Fox in 2005.

Levin & Flackett have been working as a creative team for over twelve years. Their feature film careers began when their first screenplay, Drive, was purchased by Scott Rudin and Paramount Pictures. They subsequently adapted the classic children’s book Madeline into the motion picture starring Frances McDormand. They also wrote the romantic comedy Wimbledon for Working Title Films and Universal Pictures.

Other movies they have contributed to as screenwriters include The Perfect Storm, Speed Racer and the Walden Media/New Line co-production Journey 3-D to be released in July 2008. In television, Levin & Flackett have written and produced pilots for all the major broadcast networks, including ABC’s Roadie, CBS’s The Mysteries of 71st Street, Fox’s The Third Degree, and ABC’s Born In Brooklyn.

Before getting married and beginning their exclusive collaboration, Levin & Flackett wrote separately. Levin had attended the Yale School of Drama as a playwright, then went on to write and produce the much-loved television The Wonder Years for over fifty episodes. He also created and executive produced the NBC/Amblin Entertainment television series Earth 2. Flackett, a graduate of Wesleyan University, began her
career as a writer on Steven Bochco’s Civil Wars and LA Law, among others.

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