Jason Biggs is an actor who loves physical comedy more than anything

Jason Biggs is an actor who loves physical comedy more than anything, so the role of Dan, Ashley’s catering business partner and seemingly gay best friend, was perfect for him. He did his own stunt work when he was called upon to have his arm go up in flames while cooking in the kitchen. After being completely briefed by stunt coordinators, his arm carefully rolled up in flame retardant materials and with a fire/rescue team standing by, he took his mark on the set. When “action” was called his arm was ignited and he rolled and writhed on the floor like a seasoned pro. Soon the scene ended with him completely unscathed by the flames.

“This was definitely one of the tougher roles I’ve had to play,” notes Biggs. “I needed to bring a certain ambiguity to it while keeping it credible to an audience. Is my character gay? Is he not? Am I a wuss for allowing someone else just to move in on a person I have liked for years?”

Practically a mirror image of Dan is Chloe, Henry’s sister. Both are not afraid to lie in order to protect someone they love. Chloe only wants to see her brother happy, so with best intentions she uses deceit. As played by Lindsay Sloane, Chloe is an edgy, quirky and independent thinker who simply wants to help her brother once again find love and happiness in his life.

“I am a hopeless romantic,” says Sloane “so this story had great appeal to me. It was a chance to have so much fun and act a little crazy. Chloe schemes to help her big brother, but it’s always out of love and concern for him. She pushes him to get him to come out of the shell he retreated into after his fiancée died. When she helps him meet a fantastic new woman who could change his life for the better, she does what’s in her power to get them together.”

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