The cast is rounded out by Stephen Root (Office Space, No Country for Old Men) as the ice sculptor

The cast is rounded out by Stephen Root (Office Space, No Country for Old Men) as the ice sculptor/angel sent from Heaven who must guide Kate to her ultimate redemption.

Writer/Director Jeff Lowell, who possesses a dry sensibility, is a student and devotee of romantic comedies; writer/director Preston Sturges, known for his smart, crisp, fast dialogue and large amount of physical comedy, is one of Lowell’s heroes. Lowell himself comes from a television background where he both wrote and produced sitcoms. His television past influenced his film writing by knowing how to fit people together in situations, finding smooth transitions from scene to scene and sensing what will make audiences laugh.

The director never set boundaries and always encouraged ideas and communication among his actors. Being the screenwriter as well, he was not afraid to change dialogue nor intimidated by suggestions and ideas from the actors. With gifted comedians such as Jason Biggs and Paul Rudd, who are both known for their comic timing, the written dialogue would sometimes give way to witty ad-libs.

“The best thing for me as an actor is that I have a similar comedic sensibility as the director,” says Biggs. “Jeff knew how to rein me in, give suggestions, let me go. Sometimes you just come up with weird jokes in the moment. He knows when to give you freedom and do your thing. This made it much more collaborative and fun.”

For a scene in with Kate levitates in front of Ashley, Eva Longoria Parker had to do wire work for the first time in her career. A harness was built that raised her above the floor of the soundstage so that it would appear she was floating, ghost-like, over the head of Lake Bell. “I am proud to say I am the first person to make Eva Longoria Parker fly!” exclaims Lowell.

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