Anything can happen on NIM’S ISLAND, a place where imagination runs wild and adventure rules

Dear Alex Rover,

My father ‘s missing at sea and my island is being invaded. I need you Alex Rover!

Anything can happen on NIM’S ISLAND, a place where imagination runs wild and adventure rules. Here, a feisty young girl named Nim (ABIGAIL BRESLIN), surrounded by her exotic animal friends and inspired by legends and books, leads an amazing tropical existence that mirrors that of her favorite literary hero: Alex Rover, the world’s greatest adventurer. When her island is threatened she reaches out to her hero for help.

But what Nim doesn’t know is that the acclaimed author of the Rover books is, in fact, Alexandra Rover (JODIE FOSTER), a retiring, fainthearted recluse locked away in a big city apartment. Now, as Alexandra nervously ventures forth into the world and Nim faces the biggest challenge of her exciting young life, they must both draw courage from the fictional gallantry of Alex Rover,and find strength in one another to save Nim’s Island.

An adventure comedy, NIM’S ISLAND is about becoming the hero of your own story -- as a girl who thought she was alone and a grown woman who thought she was scared of the world discover they can be so much more than they ever dreamed. The film features Academy Award® nominee Abigail Breslin (Little Miss Sunshine) in the spunky title role; Academy Award® winner Jodie Foster in a rare comic turn as Alexandra Rover; and heartthrob Gerard Butler (300, P.S. I Love You) in a dual role as Nim’s real father and valiant fictional idol Alex Rover.

NIM’S ISLAND is directed by husband-and-wife team Mark Levin and Jennifer Flacket (Little Manhattan) from their own screenplay written with Paula Mazur and Joseph Kwong, based on the acclaimed novel by Wendy Orr. The producer is Paula
Mazur (Corrina, Corrina) and the executive producer is Stephen Jones (Superman Returns).

Shot on location on the sandy beaches of Australia’s Gold Coast and the lush rainforests of Hinchinbrook Island, the behind-the-scenes team who bring Nim’s world of natural and imaginary wonders to life includes Academy Award®-nominated director of photography Stuart Dryburgh (The Piano, Bridget Jones’ Diary), production designer Barry Robison (Wedding Crashers), Oscar®-nominated costume designer Jeffrey Kurland (Ocean’s Eleven, Bullets Over Broadway) and editor Stuart Levy (Any Given Sunday).

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