SHANE RANGI (Asterius the Minotaur) returns to the world of Narnia

SHANE RANGI (Asterius the Minotaur) returns to the world of Narnia after portraying Gen. Otmin, the fierce Minotaur and leader of the White Witch’s army, in “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.”

Rangi is well-known among fantasy film enthusiasts for his role of the Witch King of Angmar in Peter Jackson’s Oscar-winning “The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.” He returned in the series second chapter, “The Two Towers,” as the Easterling NCO, and portrayed a Harad Leader in “Return of the King.” In addition to his character roles, Rangi also Doubled Lawerence Makaore as Gothmog and the Black Witch King, and Paul Norell as the King of the Dead not to mention was also a utility stunt performer in all three titles of Jackson’s landmark movie trilogy.

When not portraying specific characters before the cameras, the New Zealander keeps busy as a stuntman based out of Wellington. His stunt credits include Jackson’s “King Kong,” X-Men: The Last Stand,” Vincent Ward’s “River Queen,” Jay Russell’s family film, “The Water Horse,” and Patrick Tatopoulos’s up and coming fantasy film Underworld 3 “The Rise of the Lycans.”

Between film assignments, Rangi can be found at Weta Digital, Peter Jackson, Jamie Selkirk and Richard Taylor’s award-winning VFX house in New Zealand that creates a wide variety of computer graphic images for film, television and game projects.

Rangi was raised in New Zealand’s north island but hails from the east coast village of Tiki Tiki, near Gisborne. The imposing, 6’4” Maori began his performing career during his secondary school years, first with a local operatic company before winning entry into the New Zealand Drama School, one of only twelve applicants awarded a position out of 600 potential candidates. He began his professional career doing local theatre before breaking into the feature film arena.

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