GEORGIE HENLEY (Lucy) returns as the youngest of the Pevensie siblings

GEORGIE HENLEY (Lucy) returns as the youngest of the Pevensie siblings. With her memory of Aslan resonating strongly with her, Lucy remains a child at heart in the second story. It is her gift for insight, understanding and relentless faith that helps her family and companions overcome Miraz’s reign and restore Narnia to its former glory.

Georgie made her professional acting debut in “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.” The 12-year-old from Ilkley, W. Yorkshire, in the north of England was already a member of a local drama club called Upstagers, where she was discovered by casting director Pippa Hall in a countrywide casting call for the film launched in June, 2003. Georgie won the role over 2,000 other hopefuls.

For her work in the first film, Georgie collected numerous awards and nominations from organizations around the world.. She won the Phoenix Film Critics Award (Best Performance by a Youth in a Support or Lead Role, Female), the Michael Eliot Trust Award (Child Star of the Year), the Total Film Award (the Dakota Fanning prize for Best Child Actor) and theYoung Artists Award (Best Performance/Feature Film -- ages ten and under).

Additionally, Georgie earned nominations as Best Young Actress from the Broadcast Film Critics Association, as Most Promising Newcomer for the United Kingdom’s Empire Awards, as Best Breakthrough Performance from the Online Film Critics Society and as Best Newcomer from the Chicago Film Critics circle.

Since her debut in the first “Narnia” film, Georgie played the young Jane Eyre in last year’s BBC production of “Jane Eyre.”

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