Victoria Nevinny, Neal Ramer

VICTORIA NEVINNY (Producer, Nevinny-Ramer Productions):

Victoria Nevinny started her career at MPCA as a Senior Vice President in development, production and marketing. She produced the film PHOENIX for Lakeshore Entertainment. PHOENIX starred Ray Liotta, Anjelica Huston, Anthony LaPaglia and Britany Murphy, and was directed by Danny Canon. Trimark released PHOENIX domestically. Nevinny is a graduate of USC.

NEAL RAMER (Producer, Nevinny-Ramer Productions):

Neal Ramer started in the William Morris Agency mailroom. From there he went to indie distributor October Films (later USA Films), where he worked on such diverse titles as THE APOSTLE, BEING JOHN MALKVOICH, PITCH BLACK and TRAFFIC. Mr. Ramer then moved to Digital Domain in its start-up production arm, where he worked on the sleeper film SECONDHAND LIONS. From there, Mr. Ramer went to MPCA, serving as VP Production, where he worked on several features. More importantly, Mr. Ramer met Ms. Nevinny at MPCA and they founded a lasting partnership. Ramer is a graduate of Tulane University.

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