Producer’s Statement from Hadeel Reda THE HOTTIE & THE NOTTIE

I love gross-out comedies that test the boundaries of taste. Just as the lines of good taste are being crossed, the humor opens the door to a world where sensitive societal issues can be addressed. THE HOTTIE & THE NOTTIE has universal themes about love, beauty and self-confidence, which we explored while developing the project. We wanted a “Nottie” character we could laugh at and relate to at the same time.

In our body-conscious culture, we hope that people judge us for who we are and not just our appearance. It does not matter if we are supermodel or troll, we each feel like a “Nottie” at some point. Ironically, the “Hottie” is afflicted by the same issue as the “Nottie.” Being stunningly gorgeous, the character of Cristabel Abbot is also judged by her appearance. More than anything else, she wants someone to fall in love with her and not just her “perfect breasts.”

In addition to the themes of beauty and self-image, the project explores the theme of lost love and obsession. Every person can relate to the character of Nate Cooper, who wonders if Cristabel is “the One that got away.” This is what makes us so vested in his journey.

Nate’s longing for Cristabel is symptomatic of all the characters in the film still living in a childhood fantasy. He has loved her since first grade, and he has been emotionally stunted since then. All our characters carry childhood baggage. Nate is haunted by the beautiful memory of Cristabel, Cristabel remains the hovering protector of June, June is still living in the “Hottie’s” beautiful shadow, and in the most extreme case, the character of Arno Blount, still lives with his mother… and we’re not quite sure what is going on with those two. This film is about all of them (with the possible exception of Arno Blount) growing up and growing out of their childhood trauma.

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