The Look of the Show THE HOTTIE & THE NOTTIE

The characters’ stunted growth is expressed in the design of the show. The director, Tom Putnam, collaborated with his key crew to create a colorful look for the film. Cristabel and June’s apartment is bright, cheery and decorated with drawings and handmade objects from growing up together. The two girls are tightly bound together and their home is almost childlike and fanciful. Arno’s house is obviously stuck in a bygone era where mother offers childhood comforts like holiday candies and cozy print blankets.

Originally, the script was set in Boston. The director thought Los Angeles could be a more fitting character in the show. In a story about a “perfect 10” and an “ugly duckling,” there is no better place than L.A. to show our preoccupation with beauty and image. In a town where fashion and plastic enhancements are required to get noticed and accepted, we really felt that June could be just about any woman living in L.A. Los Angeles’ fixation on fitness trends, such as yoga, also makes Nate feel like a bit of a “Nottie” himself.

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