Margot at the Wedding

Starring: Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Jack Black, Flora Cross, John Turturro

Margot at the Wedding is an upcoming film written and directed by Noah Baumbach. It is the follow-up to his critically acclaimed, Academy Award nominated film The Squid and the Whale (2005).

The film has been described as an intimate, character-driven, domestic comedy-drama. It stars Nicole Kidman and Baumbach's real-life wife Jennifer Jason Leigh as sisters named Margot and Pauline, and also features Jack Black, John Turturro and Ciarán Hinds. Kidman's character, Margot, is a successful but neurotic writer who brings her 11-year-old son (played by newcomer Zane Pais) to spend a weekend visiting her free-spirited sister Pauline (Leigh) on the eve of her wedding to Black's character. Margot disapproves of Pauline's choice of fiancé, which causes tension between the two sisters.

Baumbach has mentioned that the film is influenced by the style of French writer-director Eric Rohmer, who is known for his character-driven, relationship-based comic dramas like Ma nuit chez Maud, Le Genou de Claire, Pauline à la plage and Le Rayon vert. Many of Rohmer's films also deal with strained family relationships and awkward courtships, and often involve summer vacations. The script's working title was Nicole at the Beach, but it was changed when Nicole Kidman signed on to avoid confusion.

Margot at the Wedding was shot from April-June 2006 in various New York locations including Hampton Bays, East Quogue, Long Island and City Island, Bronx. It is heavily tipped to premiere at this year's Toronto Film Festival, which takes place between 6-15 September 2007, and is currently scheduled for US release by Paramount Vantage on October 19, 2007.

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