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At 20 years old Ellen Page is about half the age of most of her fellow best-actress Oscar nominees.
Are you scared Juno will be over-hyped before people see it?
It's happened to me - a movie's been buzzed and I've gone to see it. It's a film I'm proud of and people have responded to it in a really amazing way and I hope the same thing happens in the UK.
The screenwriting has received lots of praise - how much involvement did you have?
The film you see is the script I read two or three years ago. Diablo Cody is a genius, she's incredible and I adore her and I'm so happy for her and the nomination.
I mean it was a given, we all knew, when the film started doing well of course - not when we were making it. I'm just thrilled for her. I'm happy for everyone involved in the film. It's very humbling to be nominated with these women.
How have your friends reacted - do they treat you differently?
They are very supportive and that's lovely, but just as much as I support them in whatever they pursue. I'm still the same person, I don't think I'm special just because I'm an actor. I cherish the friendships I have.
You turn 21 three days after the ceremony, so you can celebrate with a drink.
I'm Canadian so 21 doesn't have the same significance as America. I'm not a huge drinker, but it will be nice to celebrate of course.
What gifts have you received so far?
I've got some Champagne and some chocolate, some fruit and some flowers.
What did you like about the character?
It was a teenage female lead that we'd never really seen before. It's funny, unique and witty and all of those things. But most importantly it's really genuine and honest and that's what people connect to. It's one of those films that is for everyone.
Was it nice to be offered something so refreshing?
It's one of the best screenplays I've ever read, it floored me and I desperately wanted to be a part of it. That was a huge gift in itself. And all of this that has happened has just been absurd.
Are teenagers sometimes misrepresented in Hollywood?
A lot of people get misrepresented in popular media, it's a drag. And that's not to say what we're used to seeing doesn't exist, but it's nice to broaden the horizons and allow for new ideas and new possibilities of what a young woman and what a young man can be. It's nice when a film like this does well - or any kind of film that decides to do something different.
The music in the film is very cool - how does it relate to your own tastes?
I'm also a huge Patti Smith fan, but I'm a little less arrogant than Juno I love all kinds of music, quite a variety. I'm a massive Moldy Peaches fan so I love the soundtrack.
What was it like on set working with people like Michael Cera and Jason Bateman?
It's one of the greatest film-making experiences I've ever had. Everyone I got to work with was so awesome.
I read you were really into sport is that still true?
I used to play soccer quite competitively and I used to play a lot of sports. Now I'm much more of a bum, but I like the outdoors, I love to hike.
Has Juno rubbed off on you personally?
I'm still me, I play a lot of different characters and a lot of darker ones so I hope they don't rub off on me too much.
Do you still get much free time?
It has been busy promoting the film because it's done so well and because of the awards season. As a young actor this is an absolutely remarkable opportunity. It's a huge gift.
Do you see yourself as role model for teenagers?
Brad has not sent me a card, no, which I'm furious about!
If they love Juno and identify with her then that that is absolutely awesome and I'm just going to continue to be myself and if that's something they like then wonderful, if not then whatever!
Have you heard from any other A-listers contacted you say?
I have received some letters and things yes.
From who?
I don't want to say.
How A-list are we talking - Brad Pitt?
Brad has not sent me a card, no, which I'm furious about! No, just joking. Just lovely actors that I respect and admire, it's extremely surreal and humbling. It's weird because you're just reading the letter and it's not until you get to the end - 'Oh this is from… oh wow!' So it's very nice.
Will you be really nervous yourself if you have to make a speech?
It doesn't even enter my mind, the women I'm nominated with are just incredible so it's not a place my mind's going to go to.
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