The Marx Brothers United Artists Movies 1946 - 1950

(distributor; independently produced)

A Night in Casablanca (85 minutes). Producer: David L. Loew. Director: Archie L. Mayo. Screenplay: Joseph Fields and Roland Kibbee. Additional Material: Frank Tashlin. Music: Werner Janssen. Music and Lyrics: Ted Synder, Bert Kalmar and Harry Ruby (the song "Who's Sorry Now"). Cast: Groucho ( RonaldKornblow), Harpo (Rusty), Chico (Corbaccio), Lisette Verea ( BeatriceRheiner), Charles Drake (Lt. Pierre Delmar), Lois Collier (Annette), Dan Seymour (Captain Brizzard), Lewis Russell (Galoux), Harro Hellor(Emile), Frederick Gierman (Kurt), Siegfried Rumann (Count Pfeffer-man, alias Heinrich Stubel).

Love Happy (85 minutes).

Producer: Lester Cowas (Presented by Mary Pickford). Director: David Miller. Screenplay: Frank Tashlin and Mac Benoff. Story: Harpo. Special Effects: Howard A. Anderson. Cast: Groucho (Detective SamGrunion), Harpo (Himself), Chico ( Faustino the Great), Ilona Massey(Madame Egilichi), Verra-Ellen ( Maggie Phillips), Marion Hutton( Bunny Dolan), Raymond Burr ( Alphonse Zoto), Bruce Gordon ( Hanni-bal Zoto), Melville Cooper (Throckmorton), Leon Belasco (Mr. Lyons),Paul Valentine ( Mike Johnson), Eric Blore (Mackinaw), Marilyn Monroe( Grunion's Client).

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