Marx Brothers Paramount Movies 1929 - 1933

The Marx Brothers at the Paramount Movies

The Cocoanuts (96 minutes).Producer: Walter Wanger. Directors: Robert Florey and Joseph Santley.Screenplay Adaptation: Morrie Ryskind. Based on stage productionThe Cocoanuts: George S. Kaufman and Morrie Ryskind; music andlyrics: Irving Berlin. Cast: Groucho (Mr. Hammer), Harpo (Himself),Chico (Himself), Zeppo (Jamison), Mary Eaton ( Polly Potter), OscarShaw ( Bob Adams), Katherine Francis (Penelope), Margaret Dumont (Mrs. Potter), Cyril Ring ( Harvey Yates), Basil Ruysdael ( Hennessey), Sylvan Lee ( Bell Captain), Gamby-Hale Girls and Allan K. Foster Girls(Dancers).

Animal Crackers (98 minutes).Director: Victor Heerman. Screenplay: Morrie Ryskind. Continuity:Pierre Collings. Based on stage production Animal Crackers: George S.Kaufman and Morrie Ryskind; music and lyrics: Bert Kalmar and HarryRuby (including "Hooray for Captain Spaulding"). Cast: Groucho( Captain Jeffrey T. Spaulding), Harpo (The Professor), Chico ( SignorEmanuel Ravelli), Zeppo ( Horatio Jamison), Lillian Roth ( ArabellaRittenhouse), Margaret Dumont (Mrs. Rittenhouse), Louis Sorin( Roscoe W. Chandler), Hal Thompson ( John Parker), Margaret Irving(Mrs. Whitehead), Kathryn Reece ( Grace Carpenter), Robert Greig(Hives, the butler), Edward Metcalf (Inspector Hennessey), The MusicMasters (Six Footmen).

Monkey Business (77 minutes). ( Herman Mankiewicz produces.) Director: Norman McLeod. Screenplay: S. J. Perelman and Will B. Johnstone. Additional Dialogue: Arthur Sheekman. Cast: Groucho, Harpo, Chico, Zeppo (Playing Themselves asStowaways), Thelma Todd (Lucille), Tom Kennedy (Gibson), RuthHall ( Mary Helton), Rockcliffe Fellowes ( Joe Helton), Ben Taggart( Captain Corcoran), Otto Fries (Second Mate), Evelyn Pierce (Manicu-rist), Maxine Castle (Opera Singer), Harry Woods ("Alky" Briggs),"Frenchie" Marx (Extra on Ship and at Dock).

Horse Feathers (68 minutes). Director: Norman McLeod. Screenplay: Bert Kalmar, Harry Ruby, S. J.Perelman, and Will B. Johnstone. Music: Bert Kalmar, and Harry Ruby(including "I'm Against It"). Cast: Groucho ( Professor Quincey AdamsWagstaff), Harpo (Pinky), Chico (Barovelli), Zeppo ( Frank Wagstaff),Thelma Todd ( Connie Bailey), David Landau (Jennings), Florine Mc-Kinney ( Peggy Carrington), James Pierce (Mullens), Nat Pendleton( McCarthy), Reginald Barlow ( Retiring President of Huxley College),Robert Greig ( Professor Hornsvogel), E. J. LeSaint and E. H. Calvert( Professors in Wagstaff's Study), Edgar Dearing (Bartender), Sid Saylor(Slot Machine Player).

Duck Soup (70 minutes). ( Herman Mankiewicz produces.) Director: Leo McCarey (Responsiblefor much of the visual comedy, including the classic mirror sequence).Screenplay: Bert Kalmar and Harry Ruby. Additional Dialogue: ArthurSheekman and Nat Perrin. Music and Lyrics: Bert Kalmar and HarryRuby (including "This Country's Going to War"). Cast: Groucho ( RufusT. Firefly), Chico (Chicolini), Harpo (Pinkie), Zeppo ( Bob Rolland), Raquel Torres ( Vera Marcal), Louis Calhern ( Ambassador Trentino), Margaret Dumont (Mrs. Teasdale), Verna Hillie (Secretary), LeonidKinsky (Agitator), Edmund Breece (Zander), Edwin Maxwell (Secretaryof War), Edgar Kennedy (Lemonade Peddler), William Worthington(First Minister of Finance), George MacQuarrie (First Judge), Fred Sul-livan (Second Judge), Davison Clark (Second Minister of Finance), Charles B. Middleton (Prosecutor), Eric Mayne (Third Judge).

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